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Hello Everybody!

2012-05-24 01:27:06 by markiplier

Hi there! My name is Mark and I am a rookie entertainer and aspiring voice actor! I run the YouTube channel MARKIPLIER where I make Let's Plays of some of the best horror and adventure games around! Check out some of my videos to see what I'm all about or one of my reaction compilations for a laugh!

I've been lurking on Newgrounds for a long time and thought that it was about time that I gave something back to the community that has been entertaining me for half my lifetime. My hope is to lend my voice to any and all projects that require a helping hand (larynx) in their projects! Though I am just starting out I hope to prove myself as a capable and useful and beneficial to Newgrounds as a whole!

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in the future!


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2013-01-08 19:00:56

Hey i saw that no body has ever commented on this and that is bullhonkey! people should be talking and conversing on here 24/7 okay now that i have spilt my thoughts...... kepp up the great videos Mark love ya!


2013-05-09 12:32:26

Hello there! Good video you have on youtube. It's really weird no one noticed your newgrounds account.
Hope you get active on newgrounds.
-Myvideogameworld on youtube


2013-07-24 18:12:46

OMG, HI MARK! Didn't know you were on Newgrounds, that's awesome. Love your videos, especially the Happy Wheels, Drunken Minecraft, and Amnesia series!

Keep doing what you love and making us smile and laugh with your awesomeness! :D \m/


2013-09-26 15:37:23

My jaw DROPPED when I saw this!! OMG I had no idea! WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW THIS??!!

BTW, I'm KaiHimotama on Tumblr and YouTube!



2013-09-28 00:22:08

Only 49 fans on Newgrounds?
Jesus, we need to boost your popularity here!


2013-10-02 15:05:17

You have NEWGROUNDS?! You probably don't use it that much anyway..


2013-10-07 11:42:58



2013-10-08 01:16:53

How can people not know about you being on here??? Honestly, I created this account JUST to post a comment here :D But seriously, why aren't there more than 7 comments? Well, 8 when I'm finished...


2013-10-13 09:07:46

Hi Mark! I'm a new indie developer who is trying to get my game out to the world. The game is called FLARE, and I will be releasing the game on my IndieDB page on Halloween. I have a trailer on my channel by the name of Visionary Games, and was wondering if you could check it out, and maybe play it on release day!

Visionary Games


2014-03-31 17:39:09

Huh, i never thought you had a NG account.... Well look it here you do!


2014-05-26 22:53:23

whoa mark I didn't know you have a new grounds account, I was looking for that forum you mentioned on facebook and got lead here XD

you need to let your subscribers know of this account so you don't get tons of comments like mine :P

anyways your awesome mark I love your videos and I love you... uh like a friend I love you like a close friend ^_^


2014-11-16 20:23:38

As much as mark loves his fans , im sure if everyone knew about this it would be like steam and he wouldn't be able to even see straight through all the messages and stuff while hes trying to play a game


2014-11-16 20:29:29

But if I am wrong I apologize and I will help promote it.


2014-11-27 01:55:56

I'm working on making the first guitar cover of Crazy La Paint in Mark's honor ^-^ Hope you see this Mark! This is my way of saying thanks for being such a fantastic YouTuber :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEC9pi7gM0


2014-11-29 07:38:47

Can anyone try to share this to Markiplier? I made some awesome fan-music for him. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLnPEb-KmtY&list=UUQGcmXOFM7kogesB_Zxgorg>


2015-01-22 13:38:31

you should try "pause ahead" in this newgrounds.
it's hard. But I think it maybe make you fun.
Hope you play it ! :-D


2015-01-29 01:38:58

Hello Mark, I love your channel so much. I first discovered your channel and subscribed a little while before the 1 Million Subscribers milestone, and I've been here ever since.
I want to thank you for helping me avoid depression, because of this I want to start a career like yours and one day hopefully meet you! You are the best YouTuber and I hope you will never change, your videos mean a lot to me!

Thanks for all the laughs! Hope to see you sometime in the future!
~Firstaid223 out.


2015-02-04 06:49:37

Where's all your activity? o.o where's all your medals!? D:


2015-02-05 01:23:09

Also Mark, you should really play "A pretentious game", it has a lot of feels but it's a good story! :)


2015-02-21 00:16:30

Hey Mark, I know you probably won't read this.

Yes it's another mushy comment, but the lyrics to this song explain so much to what you've done...

I want to say, thank you.



2015-03-07 21:47:58

I didn't know you were a Newgrounder until I saw you say so in YOUTUBERS REACT TO RACIST MARIO.

Do you take requests?


2015-03-31 11:37:10



2015-03-31 11:43:04

wowowowowow stop stop stop WHAT?!?!?!?


2015-04-17 12:29:44



2015-05-25 21:00:26

Im making a custom story for markiplier!!!! anybody want to help?


2015-06-11 16:55:00

MARK MARK YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3


2015-09-09 01:20:26

I had no idea that Markimoo had a NewGrounds account.


2015-10-20 19:54:56

Hi Mark!


2015-11-04 16:59:45

Hey markiplire I'm a YouTuber captinawsomful I'm your biggest fan


2015-11-04 21:34:35

I go to Cincinnati for family where are you from there


2015-11-10 02:17:18

I am a big fan of yours mark. Love You!!!!!


2015-11-27 01:17:11

Bro ..you are my favorite character in Legends of Brofist


2016-01-09 12:54:40



2016-01-15 16:42:41

Omigosh Mark when I realized u were on Newgrounds I nearly started screaming cuz u are so amazing and... Well.. I mean WOW!! This is amazing!!


2016-01-16 12:30:02

To be completely honest. I was never really a fan of you.

It's not because of you. But your fans.


2016-01-23 22:17:41

your awesome mark keep up the greatness!


2016-02-11 06:04:13

Always Nice to see my favorite Letsplayer on here. You really have grown quite a bit into the YouTube aspect. Love your letsplays and sketches, they always make me smile. Don't ever stop what your doing. And thanks again for making my day alot brighter.


2016-03-07 21:56:07

OH MY GOD! hi markipler im so happy im actually talking to you! i love you so so so much and i wanna know how you dyed your hair RED!


2016-03-07 21:56:44

i love you so much!


2016-03-19 18:03:54

Wow, your page is empty! bring it to life!


2016-07-07 05:27:27

Wait a second,your really mark?


2016-07-19 04:41:11

Hey Markiplier! I'm sure one day you will remember that you have a Newgrounds profile and check it out!! :) When you're not busy of course. I just wanted to say that you are freaking awesome. I love your personality and what you do. I take your advice and tips to heart and I just want to say that your videos have gotten me thru some tough and lonely times. My boyfriend and I are very huge fans and we wish we could thank you in person one day. <3 I hope you do see this message. I'm a photographer, that's what I do and love. I would be so honored if I could just capture a photo of you in person. You are so inspiring and I'm sure you HEAR this EVERYDAY. Thank you for staying true and believing in all of us. I have so much I wish I could tell you and let you know. Just know that you def have made a difference in my life and my boyfriend's life. I'm planning to do a few projects dedicated to you and I hope you do get around to seeing them. I also would like to suggest that you def take another trip here to TEXAS one day, maybe for another con or something. I hope so if not I hope I can def fly out there one day to meet you. We love you Mark!! You are truly genuine and I'm so glad you have found your calling and just keep staying true to yourself! <3 <3 <3 xoxo

- LOVE the Angel's from Texas...YES MY BOYFRIEND NAME IS ANGEL too, haha :) :) :) :)


2016-09-17 21:30:00

I love Markiplier yes i do! hes the best,this is true!

Keep up the excellent content, you always bring the dorkiest smiles to my face!

Ah deheeerrr XD


2016-10-18 19:33:21

Hi mark!


2017-01-19 03:18:06

I found out about this account from the YouTubers React to Racist Mario of all things... I just started watching your videos, but I am a fan already, and I think no matter what the haters say, you make fantastic content. Thanks for making my day better!


2017-02-07 14:49:55

You use Newgrounds?


2017-02-27 16:54:28

Hey Mark, your page seems relatively abandoned. Have you considered making a new newspost every time you post a video to YT? Would be cool. I'd have a reason to follow ya on here. :P


2017-03-02 20:54:24

There sure are a lot of default icon users here.